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[Wed/Feb/2007 at 8:23pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Go join alldisappear! Post that I (marebello) referred youu :).

Only one person has to say that I referred them. :D

comment !

[Thu/Feb/2007 at 4:11pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Oh my god. Anna Nicole Smith died. :( It's really shocking to me.

FRIENDS ONLY [Wed/Dec/2006 at 12:24pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Yep, this is oceantrax's new journal. It's friends only!

Just comment if you want to be added.

Add me if:
You like Green Day
You wanna make new friends
You love animals
You want to! ;D
You were on my last journal

Don't add me if:
You don't like music.
You never update.
You never comment.
You bash Green Day

Oh, and please tell me if you're adding me for my graphics and not for my entries. Not that it matters...;)

0100 comment !

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